Black Friday deals are here, because everyone else has them


It’s Black Friday. The label started as a term of dread among the workers who have to take their turkey-addled bodies to work the day after Thanksgiving and deal with an endless crush of bargain shoppers. At some point, however, the term “Black Friday” became regarded the same way George Constanza views horse manure.

And, like horse manure on paved city streets after a Thanksgiving Day parade, deals are everywhere you step on Black Friday.

We’ve got two of them for you. Because why not?

First, from today through December 11, anyone who buys Playmakers and follows the steps detailed here gets a free, signed, personalized bookplate for addition to the front of the book on or before December 23. (Rules and restrictions apply.)

Second, as my own personal gift to anyone out there who wants it (or who doesn’t), I’m posting a Christmas novel one chapter per day for the duration of the holiday season. All chapters of On Our Way Home will show up here. Or, if you prefer separate links, Chapter One and Chapter Two. (Why am I doing that? Good question. Here’s the answer.)

So you can, if you want, buy Playmakers, get the free, signed, personalized bookplate. And you can, if you want, incorporate into your morning routine reading the next chapter of On Our Way Home. Or read it all at once. Or don’t read it at all, like the many books that were in Costanza’s one-time future father-in-law’s library.

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