The future Huntress meets the original JSA in Justice Society of America #2

Geoff Johns’ New Golden Age seems equally steeped in the DC past, present, and possible future, and the second issue of his Justice Society of America society is steeped in the future and the past … at the same time.

In the closing pages of November’s Justice Society of America #1, The Huntress, the leader of the Justice Society nearly 30 years in the future, escapes certain death at the hands of the mysterious new villain the Stranger when her mother Catwoman (Batman, dead in this future, is her father) gives her the mysterious snow globe Batman took from the Time Master in Flashpoint Beyond – which can hold DC timelines like the Flashpoint Universe.

Justice Society of America #2 cover (Image credit: DC)

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Selina tells her daughter to “save” a previous incarnation of the Justice Society and to find Doctor Fate who can explain everything to her and the snow globe transports Helena to 1940, and the following encounter with the original WWII-era JSA in all their glory .

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