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For the full hour, we talk with Julia Cameron, bestselling author, playwright, poet, filmmaker, and more, as she shares details of her amazing writing career including her start as a journalist, work in film, and writing more than 40 books.

She discusses her most famous book, The Artist’s Way, which helped bring creativity into the mainstream. Her techniques her offered ways for writers and artists to dedicate themselves to “the Morning Pages” in order to develop new ideas, “the Artist Date” to nurture the inner artist, and find friends and family members who offer support.

Cameron also discusses her new book, “Write for Life: Creative Tools for Every Writer,” which serves as a “love letter to writing and writers,” by helping guide readers through overcoming many common creative issues such as procrastination, deadlines, and doubt.

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Julia Cameron

  • Bestselling Author, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” and “Write for Life: Creative Tools for Every Writer”

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