How Taylor Swift’s Where The Crawdads Sing Song Affected Daisy Edgar-Jones’ First Viewing Of The Book Adaptation

This weekend’s newest thriller is a chilling adaptation of the bestselling novel Where The Crawdads Singstarring Normal People breakout actress Daisy Edgar-Jones as a young woman who becomes an outsider in a fictional coastal town of North Carolina in the 1960s. Taylor Swift was a huge fan of the book and wrote a love letter to Edgar-Jones’ character of Kya with the song “Carolina.” So we had to ask the 24-year-old actress about the experience of brushing shoulders with the iconic songwriter with the original tune.

As Where The Crawdads Sing‘s director Olivia Newman previously told us, “Carolina” was written before the movie was even shot. However, Daisy Edgar-Jones told CinemaBlend her experience her with the song did n’t come until much later. In her words her:

So the first time I heard the song the whole way through was when I got to see a screening of the film – it wasn’t entirely cut together. It was like the nearly finished version of it. And me and my agents, we were watching it and the ending happens obviously. And there’s quite, it’s quite an impactful ending. And then the song plays out and I remember we all just sat and were like, ‘oh my gosh’, cause it really does feel like she managed to capture so beautifully in that melody that the feeling I had when I read the book and the feeling I had playing. So I, yeah I was incredibly moved listening to it.

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