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As the mother of three girls, Angie Torres was determined to raise her daughters in a Christian home. “Watching my daughters grow up to love Jesus is my biggest accomplishment,” Torres said. “And I hope to continue to share my passion for serving God through my books.” In her latest children’s book, Torres addresses childhood emotions and promotes prayer as a means for coping with one’s feelings. “The overall purpose of the book is to teach children to trust that God hears their prayers and will come through,” Torres said.

In “A Pocketful of Prayers,” a young kangaroo begins his day with confidence. Armed with his bow tie, glasses and pocketful of prayers, he is ready to rise to any challenge that may come his way. With his prayers his by his side his, he can endure anything. “No matter the situation, he has a prayer for each scenario,” Torres notes. Seeking to illustrate the importance of developing a faith foundation in Christ, Torres’ whimsical rhymes are accompanied by striking watercolor illustrations and remind readers that they can talk to God at any time. “This poem was written specifically to teach children that you can pray anytime, not just before a meal or at bedtime,” Torres said. “I want readers to know that God is always listening and ready to answer their prayers.”

“A Pocketful of Prayers” is available for purchase online at

ISBN: 979-8-88590-557-2

About the Author

Angie Torres is the author of the children’s book, Imagine That. When not writing she enjoys traveling with her family, doting on her two granddaughters, collecting books, reading, and watching movies. She currently resides in South Carolina with her husband her, two youngest daughters and their dog Benji.

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