Ana De Armas And Her Sculpted Legs Just Went Pantsless On The Red Carpet

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega – Getty Images

  • Make way for Marilyn…I mean Ana de Armas as she struts the red carpet for The Gray Man premiere this week.

  • Ana, 34, donned a gladiator-inspired, pantsless, Louis Vuitton outfit as she put her sculpted legs on full display.

  • The actress, who is soon to star in Blondea Movie about Marilyn Monroeis big into guided meditation and loves running around with her dog, Elvis.

Ana de Armas stars in the action-adventure flick The Gray Manand she just showed up to the movie’s premiere in a seriously cool gown.

Ana, who plays CIA agent Dani Miranda in the movie, rocked a metallic bodysuit with an attention-grabbing descending leaf-style patterned skirt that showed off her miles and miles of toned legs. The 34-year-old paired the whole look with strappy sandals and an “I know I look amazing” smile. Because, of course.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

Photo credit: Steve Granitz – Getty Images

Ana plays the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix movie Blondeand she’s got some serious buzz surrounding her role as RN.

OK, so how did Ana get such impressively strong legs? For starters, Ana does her own stunts so, ya know, she’s gotta be on her A-game.

Ana told Vogue UK that she trains hard for her films. “I have to prepare for this action film I’m doing with really intense, physical work, training and choreographies,” she shared. “I do it from 9am to 2pm and then I get a break—and then on the weekends I go to the shooting range and I practice shooting with firing arms that I have to use in the film.” She also has done “knife training,” she said.

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She also got into Pilates while she was shooting The Gray Man in Prague. “I’ve been going to this beautiful Pilates studio very close to my hotel,” she told Vogue. “It’s in this gorgeous old majestic building on the top floor with windows to the river.” Ana also said that doing Pilates helped with “keeping me sane” while filming.

In between all those strenuous workouts, Ana likes to get out hiking in nature. Case in point:

And she’s also been known to run around on the beach with her pooch, Elvis:

While she works hard at being physically strong, Ana makes a point to take care of her mental health, too. She told Harper’s Bazaar UK that she’s big into a guided meditation app called Waking Up by Sam Harris. The app “really helps me center, calm down, and reset after a long day,” she said.

Now, where can I get that dress?!

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