Kate Middleton remains ‘confident’ amid Price Harry memoir controversy

Body language expert Darren Stanton has claimed that Prince Harry‘s new memoir ‘Spare’ has not had a huge impact on his brother’s wife Kate Middleton.

In his new book, Harry claimed that Kate and Prince William encouraged him to wear the infamous Nazi uniform to a party.

yet, Middleton seems “unfazed” by the book after appearing in a nursery school in Luton, Bedfordshire, where she was seen interacting with kids.

“When someone is nervous, their voice pitch tends to go up or crack, however, while analyzing videos of Kate from the day, her voice was completely on the same level, which denotes confidence,” Stanton said according to The Daily Star.

“Her posture appeared open and her eye contact was consistent with the non-verbal signals of a very confident person.

“She seemed very comfortable in her surroundings and her own skin.

“While some people may expect them to be fazed, it’s business as usual for Kate and William.”

Prince William and Middleton avoided to respond to journalists’ questions about Harry‘s controversial book during their visit to the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

In his new book, Harry shared his impression after the meeting Middleton for the first time.

“I liked his new girlfriend,” Harry wrote.

“She was carefree, sweet, kind. She’d done a gap year in Florence, knew about photography, art. And clothes. She loved clothes.”


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