Kris Jenner Has No Career Regrets — but Admits ‘Some Days I’m a Badass and Some Days I’m a Big Baby’

Kris Jenner Has No Career Regrets — but Admits ‘Some Days I’m a Badass and Some Days I’m a Big Baby’

Courtesy of MasterClass Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner may dominate in the business world — but even she has hit bumpy patches along the way.

The Kardashians The star and businesswoman has successfully helped launch multiple brands under her family’s name, including Safely, SKIMS, Kylie Cosmetics, Good American, Poosh and 818 Tequila.

So it only makes sense that Kris, 66, is now ready to take on her newest project: teaching a MasterClass on the power of personal branding, which launches Thursday.

“MasterClass is very unique because, in all of these different genres and areas, someone is coming and sharing their story about the way that they achieved success. It’s their own personal journey and process,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “So many people over the years have said to me, ‘Can you share any of this?’ And you think, ‘Well, sure. I’d love to share.'”

“But the thought of teaching somebody else how to do something that I have accomplished was a little intimidating,” she admits. “Once I wrapped my head around the fact that MasterClass is a place where people can go to learn about somebody else’s process, and my process doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do it, I just felt like I could share my way of doing things, and I’m going to give it my all.”

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Kris’s process, which began with her family’s exposure on Keeping Up with the Kardashianshas ultimately led to a billion-dollar empire across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

But while many would assume it’s been a glamorous ride to the top, Kris admits not everything has always been picture-perfect. Despite that, the mother of six says she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I don’t really have regrets. I think that every single thing — every piece of spaghetti that we threw against that wall, every single mistake we made, every triumph, every tear, every bit of laughter, all the joy, all the pain, blood, sweat, and tears — it all led to right now today,” she explains. “I really can’t look back and think, ‘Okay, I shouldn’t have done it this way.'”

“Running these businesses, it’s part of my job to be able to find solutions for problems that pop up every day,” she continues. “But more importantly, it’s part of my DNA. This is my element. I feel like when I relax or take a few days off for any reason and I’m gone for too long, I get really anxious.”

“So some days I’m a badass and some days I’m just a big baby that just feels sorry for herself because these four things didn’t go right today,” she jokingly adds. “I’m just like everybody else. I want everything to go really well.”

HED: Kris Jenner Has No Career Regrets — but Admits 'Some Days I'm a Badass and Some Days I'm a Big Baby'

HED: Kris Jenner Has No Career Regrets — but Admits ‘Some Days I’m a Badass and Some Days I’m a Big Baby’

Courtesy MasterClass Kris Jenner

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While Kris is “really proud of the accomplishments” that she and her family have made so far, she also notes how she’s constantly bettering herself — in part, by observing her six kids in action.

“I enjoy learning,” she says. “I am the student. Every single day, I learn something new and I learn it from my kids.”

One of the biggest lessons she’s learned from her daughters Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, as well as her son Rob Kardashian? “If you’re really passionate about something and love what you’re doing, it doesn’t become a job anymore. It becomes a lifestyle. It becomes who you are and it becomes your heart.”

“I just love watching my kids work because they’re so full of that joie de vivre,” she adds. “I often am in awe of [them] and their work ethic, and how they manage to be these most amazing parents. I sit and I go, ‘Wow, would that have been me 40 years ago or 25 years ago when I was having Kendall and Kylie?'”



Miller Mobley/E! Entertainment The Kardashians

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In particular, Kris credits daughters Kim, 41, and Kylie, 24, for establishing their family’s platform in the early days of social media, which has played a major role in their success today.

“I think Kim really led the way for the family and how we shared ourselves with social media. And that taught me a great deal,” she explains. “[Kim] really wanted to engage with the fans and the people who were watching our show, our story, our lives. We opened ourselves up to that and we really leaned into it, and I think that’s what made us so successful.”

“We learned it along the way. We learned how to run a business,” she notes. “And then Kylie was the first person who really disrupted the entire beauty industry. I remember her launching her first brand and she was 16 or 17 years old. And I said to her, ‘Where’s the marketing plan? What are we doing?’ She goes, ‘Marketing plan? I’m just going to go [on Instagram] live with it.’ … four seconds later, it was sold out. And I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ So they’ve been instrumental in teaching me in the rest of us how to do it.”

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With so much going on in her family’s professional life, it’s natural to wonder how Kris manages to prioritize her own well-being.

But the mom and grandmother has one secret: “Be able to learn that magical word, which is no, when you just can’t do anymore.”

“You have to have thick skin sometimes, because it’s a lot, and you have to manage your time wisely,” she adds. “We obviously all thrive on the ability to multitask … so I think that we just do what we can handle [but] we’re always conscious of the ability to make sure we all know we love one another and we spend a lot of time together, so that we don’t burn ourselves out.”

Jenner’s class is now available exclusively on MasterClass, where subscribers get unlimited access to all 150+ instructors with an annual membership.

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