Millie Bobby Brown rocks the ‘Tinkerbell topknot’ in a bra

Hair trends come and go but sometimes, just sometimes, the odd gem sticks around forever. One hairstyle that will remain as an ‘always’ trend, in my eyes, is the ‘Tinkerbell’-inspired topknot and today, Millie Bobby Brown proves that it isn’t going anywhere.

Taking to Instagram to share her fairy-like hair look, Millie posted a picture of herself posing on (what looks like) a farm gate while wearing nothing but a white bra and blue denim jeans. I mean, props to her – she looks so chic.

For her hair, Millie’s blonde lengths have been styled up in a messy bun with her dark shadow root showing. And of course, just like Disney’s Tink, she is rocking the wispy full-fringe with framing layers at the front sides of her face. It’s a hybrid look, combining the undone feel of the Pam Anderson updo with the style and fringe of the ‘Tinkerbell’ topknot.

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In the caption of her post, she writes: “blue jean white t <3" and just like us, her family, friends and fans seem to love the look.

Her friend and co-star of Stranger Things, Noah Schnapp commented: “Ok!!!!”.

While TikTok superstar Addison Rae wrote: “YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL”.

And in reference to that iconic Kendall Jenner quote, her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi added: “You’re cute jeans”. Who knew he was such a fan?

Now, let’s be clear, this is not – I repeat – this is not the first time we’ve seen the actor experiment with her hair. At the start of the summer months, we saw Mils sport Kardashian-like mermaid waves and during mid-August, she cut the entirety of the lengths off (or removed the extensions) to reveal a short blunt bob.

As much as we love her summer ‘do, we can’t wait to see what else Millie serves up this fall.

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