Boosie Badazz had a tiny run-in with the law that turned into an explosive viral moment. Earlier today, bodycam footage emerged of Boosie Badazz and his passenger getting pulled over by Georgia cops for tinted windows and concealed tags. Normally, this wouldn’t necessarily result in someone getting put in cuffs but the police said they smelled weed and detained the rapper and the passenger. Police said they found a bag of marijuana and cash, which ultimately led to a marijuana citation.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The part that caught people’s attention was Boosie’s reaction. The rapper went off on the cops, explaining that he moved to rural Georgia in order to avoid being targeted. It’s worth noting that Boosie also served six years behind bars before he was released in 2014, which he also brought up in the clip, before alleging that he had 35 women at his home ready to perform oral sex.

The interaction was confusing and saddening to see, even with Boosie’s unintentional humor sprinkled across the clip. Many did note Boosie’s ability to lighten up the mood without trying, though the fact that he was pulled over in the first place exposes the many systemic flaws that need to be addressed immediately.

Police released Boosie and the passenger from their custody but people still had plenty to say. Check out a few reactions below.