There are plenty of words that pop into one’s mind when one thinks of Erykah Badu, but twerking isn’t one of them. Badu has been known to not only create a vibe, but to be a vibe, and her chill nature has been something that her dedicated fanbase has enjoyed for decades. The hitmaking musician delivers music that people can float to, but recently, Ms. Erykah let her twerk flag fly free with Megan Thee Stallion.

Earlier today, Megan posted a clip of her onstage, showing off her knee strength. It caught the attention of her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, as well as her good friend Young Miami.

Arturo Holmes/Staff/Getty Images

That clip made the rounds online, and later, the “Plan B” rapper returned with yet another video from the stage, but this time, Badu joined Thee Stallion for a twerk session in front of thousands of adoring fans. Not only did she do a little shaking, but Badu took things to the floor…kind of.

“When I tell yallll my girl @erykahbadu shocked thee sh*t outta me [clapping emojis][crying laughing emojis],” Megan wrote in her caption. “I did not know she was bout to get up here and cut up like this in Switzerland [flag emoji] Real mf TEXAS SH!T REAL MF HOT GIRL SH!T [tongue out emoji].”

Check out the fun antics below.