Worlds of Marvel: Discover the Food Onboard the Disney Wish

Ready to eat like an Avenger? You can onboard the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Wish! Onboard, passengers will find the only Marvel restaurant at sea-Worlds of Marvel which houses Avengers: Quantum Encounter, hosted by none other than Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Not to spoil too much of the story or the surprises, but while dining, guests will watch a presentation of amazing hero technology, including the Quantum Core (which happens to be located on every table inside the restaurant), led by Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne. But considering the antics these two tend to get into, not everything goes according to plan, and soon backup arrives, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel!

But, that’s still just scratching the surface of all that happens at Worlds of Marvel – we haven’t even touched on the food! Talking to Joseph DePhillipo, the Service Excellence Manager with Disney Cruise Line, he explains that first the Walt Disney Imagineers come up with the overall story and characters that will be included in the restaurant, and then his team works with creating the menus and training the cast members for the experience, which includes debriefing everyone on how many of the items go hand-in-hand with the Avengers.

As he explains, the shrimp and grits “is extremely large and that is because this has been enhanced with some Pym Particles” while the berbere-spiced pork chop “has a spice that comes from Africa so this dish is actually themed after Wakanda” and “The chicken schnitzel, which comes from Sokovia.” As for dessert, Pym Particles came in handy again to “shrink a normal-sized donut, make it a little bit smaller so we can put it on top of the sundae.”

However, for DePhillipo, the food isn’t even the most exciting part of Worlds of Marvel!

“The most exciting, I think, for our crew is that this is a completely new story, a new experience. Many of our crew members, some of them are really good with Marvel. Some of them aren’t. So we taught them a lot about the different characters. We had them watch all the movies, exactly just as part of training, because we’ve said, OK, the most important thing is to watch Ant-Man and The Wasp. Watch all these different movies that you might not have seen before. That just made it so fun. It made it so exciting. The crew really enjoy being a part of it because they want to immerse the guests in the story as well. ”

All of this, combined with the added jokes from Ant-Man himself, make for a truly memorable experience for guests-whether they’ve seen every single installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not.

“When you’re in this restaurant, whether you’re a kid and you see your favorite character up there, or you’re just an adult, or grandparents and they have no idea who these characters are, everyone enjoys it. Everyone has fun. Marvel just really is a very family-friendly franchise. And so when they come in and they see their favorite characters, it just makes everyone happy. And we really appreciate the fun. ”

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