Arkansas State students send NASA research to space

Students at Arkansas State University, who have worked on a project for NASA since 2020, are sending their research off to space.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Students studying biology and engineering at Arkansas State University have been putting together research that’s truly “out of this world,” in more ways than one.

The students, who have been conducting research for NASA since 2020, will be watching their project fly off into space when the latest rocket from Space-X launches for the International Space Station tonight.

The project contains studies as to how plastic breaks down in space and the team will be at Kennedy Space Center Thursday night as they all watch their research head into space as a unit.

According to Arkansas State University’s website, the project is set to head off during the launch at 7:44 pm Central time.

For those interested in watching the launch, you can watch NASA’s live broadcast here, which will also include a live broadcast interview that features the Arkansas State students.

As for members of the Arkansas State research team? Here’s look at who was a part of the 2-year project:

  • Benjamin Whitfield, electrical engineering major and team leader
  • Katherine Willis, biological sciences major
  • Claire Greene, biological sciences major
  • Hannah Seats, biological sciences major
  • Landon Perdue, mechanical engineering major
  • Mason Rhodes, mechanical engineering major
  • Jacob Oster, mechanical engineering major

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