2-4-7: Florida Gators

– A split-stat breakdown of Florida’s offense and defense comparing wins/losses:

Passing Offense: 180.0 yards per game, 1.3 TD per game, .67 INT per game in victories/290.4 yards per game, 1.4 TD per game, .8 INT per game in losses

Passing Defense: 213.7 yards per game, .67 TD per game, .83 INT per game in victories/264.8 yards per game, 2.2 TD per game, .8 INT per game in losses

Rushing Offense: 278.3 yards per game, 3 TD per game in victories/126.4 yards per game, 1.8 TD per game in losses

Rushing Defense: 166.2 yards per game, 1.67 TD per game in victories/178 yards per game, 2.2 TD per game in losses

On the season, Florida ranks 33rd in total offense (439.5 yards per game). Their rushing attack ranks 15th in the nation, averaging 209.3 yards per game. Through the air, they are averaging 230.2 passing yards per game, which ranks 67th in the nation. Their scoring average of 31.2 points per game ranks 47th in the nation.

The Gators convert on third down 39.9% of the time, which ranks 58th in the nation. The conversion rate in wins is 45.3% and in losses is just 35.1%. They are 50.0% on fourth-down conversions, which ranks 63rd in the nation.

Defensively, the Gators are allowing 27.3 points per game, which is tied for 77th in the nation. Opposing offenses are posting an average of 408.5 yards per game, which ranks 98th in the nation. Teams are finding high-level success through the air (236.9 yards per game, 86th in the nation) and on the ground (171.5 yards per game, 92nd in the nation).

They struggle to get off the field on third downs, as opponents are converting 48.3% of the time – which ranks 127th in the nation. In losses, opponents have converted at a 51.7% rate on third down against Florida. Opponents have converted 40.0% of fourth-down attempts against them, which ranks just 20th in the nation.

– The red zone is another problematic area for the Gators.

Offensively, they rank 119th in the nation converting for points on just 75.0% of their trips. They have 36 scores in 48 red zone attempts, with 29 of those 36 scores being touchdowns. They have 20 rushing touchdowns and nine passing touchdowns in the red zone. They have also made seven field goals in the red zone. The Gators have scored a touchdown on 60.4% of their red zone visits.

Defensively, they rank 76th in the nation as opponents are converting for points on 84.1% of their red-zone visits. Opponents have 44 red zone visits against Florida with 37 scores. They have allowed 27 touchdowns (19 rushing, eight passing) and 10 made field goals against them. Opponents score a touchdown on 61.4% of red zone visits against Florida.

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