I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened

Tiger Woods is the person who will cause the most attention before the 150th Open. Wayne ‘Radar’ Riley speculated about the future of Tiger Woods. Riley emphasized how important Woods is to the golf scene. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened and I hope it doesn’t happen, because in another five years it comes around here again to the great Old Course,” Radar said for sky sports news.

“Tiger is a golfer that keeps us all wanting more of him, he’s one of those players. He’s the most charismatic of golfers. Jack Nicklaus has got the better record and a great player, but in the modern era, Tiger Woods has just been phenomenal for our game – the greatest game of all.

Riley hopes that we will see Woods for at least another 5 years and that he will not announce his retirement from golf soon. “We are here at The Old Course and will he stand there on the 18th and call time on his career? I’ve been lucky enough to stand there and watch Arnold Palmer, Jack Nickaus, and so many great players stand on that Swilcan Bridge and do it.

“If he does it, good on you, Tiger. But c’mon, just give us another five years! He will know when that time should come and he will know exactly when it’s time to walk away from our sport.”


Most hope that his recovery will be quick and that he will be on the golf scene for a long time.

“We know all about the back fusions and now it’s the ankle, but will it get better as he keeps on working at it? He’s a fitness fanatic. Look at the shape he’s in. He’s big and so very strong still, but he needs to get better.

If it starts to improve…who knows how cold he will be in a couple of years?! “When you were that good to win what he’s won and in the fashion he did, I mean who else is going to do that? He won a major by 15 shots! That will never, ever be emulated.

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