Photos Show Major Changes Coming To 13th Hole At Augusta National

Many golf fans have been calling for the Par 5 13th at Augusta National to be lengthened. Based on new aerial images, it appears the home of the Masters is finally pushing the tee box back to make the hole a bit more difficult.

This renovation to lengthen the 13th hole has been a long time coming.

For those who may not know, Augusta Country Club borders the 11th and 12th holes along with the 13th tee at Augusta National. So, if Augusta National wanted to push the 13th tee back, it would have to purchase land from its neighboring club.

Augusta National and Augusta Country Club finally came to an agreement, and ANGC acquired the land in August of 2017. Now, what we can all assume is a new, pushed-back tee is taking shape behind the traditional tee box.

The large, circular dirt patch at the top of the photo isn’t the new tee, that’s Augusta Country Club re-doing one of its own greens. The new tee looks like it could be built right around where the two pieces of construction equipment are positioned.

The 13th hole has traditionally played right around 510 yards and has consistently held the lowest scoring average in past Masters. Adding 20-40 yards to the hole would go a long way.

It’s safe to assume Augusta National will be cutting back a few trees near the new tee given how tight that tee shot would be from all the way back. Then again, the club has a thing for tight tee shots as the 18th hole is one of the tightest holes in all of golf.

Augusta National has not made an official announcement about lengthening the 13th hole. It’s unclear whether we could see a new tee box come April for the 2023 Masters.

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