Kyle Larson issues memo to USAC drivers after epic Schatz race (Video)

Kyle Larson has a message for USAC drivers after a battle with Donny Schatz in the World of Outlaws race at Attica Raceway Park

On Monday, the USAC National Midgets visited the bullring of Huset’s Speedway. Chaos followed as Jacob Denney slid Justin Grant for the lead into turn one. He was not clear and Grant barrel rolled into the fence.

That’s not to single Denney out. It just happens to be the latest example of a growing trend in the midget world.

Slide jobs gone wrong and feeding the right rear tire to the driver on the outside have become a regular highlight from USAC races. Incidents are avoided nightly by the outside car jumping on the brakes.

Meanwhile, the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series visited Attica Raceway Park on Tuesday night. Two of the greatest went at it on the 1/3-mile bullring.

Kyle Larson went over the banking down the backstretch to take the lead away from Brad Sweet early in the race. With 12 laps to go, things heated up as Donny Schatz was hard charging to the front after clearing Sweet for 2nd.

For the remainder of the race, Larson and Schatz sliced ​​through lap traffic, while battling for the race win. Schatz slid Larson several times but he never forced the issue. The two raced clean, side by side through lap cars.

Larson went to victory lane. And he had a message to deliver…

Kyle Larson praises a race with Donny Schatz; Knocks USAC Midget racers

“I knew Donny was right there. Thankfully, Donny is the cleanest racer, in the world, really, ”Kyle Larson said from victory lane on Tuesday night.

“You can always trust him when you’re racing him. I do not know if there’s a lot of midget guys watching, right now, with the USAC race going on. But, if they are, take notes off of Donny Schatz. ”

Larson concluded, “Cause, he’s as clean as it gets. And, a lot of people have lost respect in the midget stuff. So, take notes from that guy. ”

Donny Schatz comments

Donny Schatz (Photo: World of Outlaws)

Schatz was asked what he would say to the midget drivers.

“When did everybody start listening? I do not know that’s ever going to happen, ”Schatz said.

“Everybody has their own characteristics in racing. I’ve been around a long time. I think everybody knows, I’m not that way. ”

“I’m not about to be that way. It’s just the way I was brought up, the way I was raised. I’m proud of that fact. So, I’m going to stay that way. ”

Schatz concluded, “I guess I’ll end that way. If it bites me, it bites me. That’s going to be my forte. ”

Schatz is a ten time World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series champion. He most recently claimed the title in 2018.

Kyle Larson comments on USAC racers
Kyle Larson vs. Donny Schatz
Attica Raceway Park
July 12, 2022


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