S5000 to trial push-to-pass

The V8-powered open-wheeler series is hosting a young talent test at The Bend today, with 17 drivers, with experience ranging from Super2 down to karting, sampling cars.

As part of the test series technical partner Garry Rogers Motorsport will trial a number of technical updates based on competitors’ feedback.

The most noteworthy is push-to-pass which has been programmed into the existing drive by wire throttle system.

Should the system operate as expected at the test it could be introduced as soon as the opening round of the Tasman Series, the Gold Coast 500 in late October.

Other changes to be trialled at The Bend include an upgraded damper package, improved rear vision mirrors, a new rear wheel rim specification, and minor adjustments to the exhaust, accelerator pedal and developments to both the front and rear suspension.

Any of the upgrades could be introduced by the Gold Coast.

As well as the potential technical updates, control tire supplier Hoosier will test several new compounds and constructions that could be used in 2023.

Following the initial running at The Bend a two-day test at Phillip Island later this month will be used to settle on next year’s control compound.

The hard-wearing 2022 control Hoosier will be used for the Tasman Series that will round out this season.

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