Slinger Nationals Results: July 12, 2022

Matt Kenseth, William Byron and other NASCAR drivers take on the bullring race track

Tonight, it’s the famed Slinger Nationals in Slinger, Wisconsin. The super late model field is stacked for the 1.4-mile of Slinger Speedway.

View Slinger Nationals results below.

The top 12 from qualifying after being inverted.Jacob Nottestad and Carson Kvapil set the front row. 200 laps of asphalt late model racing are up next…

Slinger Nationals
Race Report

Green flag, Nottestad jumps out to the early lead.

Lap 35, the caution is out for weather.

Green, Nottestad leads Luke Fenhaus. Fencaus attempts to cross under him but he can not complete the pass.

Lap 60, caution as there’s a fire in the pits. The fire team needs to cross the track and get to the pit area.

Green, Nottestad leads Fenhaus and William Byron.

Lap 86, Brad Keith is stopped on the track, caution.

Green, Fenhaud gets the jump on the outside lane. He nearly clears him but Nottestad drives it deep into the corner to hold him off. Nottestad gets loose and Majeski leans on his bumper to make it worse. They run three wide for the lead off turn two, Majeski drives by oth of them to take the lead.

Nottestad gets into the bumper of Majeski in turn four. Majeski is completely sideways but he saves it and holds the lead.

Lap 93, bail. Derek Kraus has been handed the black flag, not sure what happened there.

Green, Nottestad gets into the bumper of Majeski into turn one. Majeski is sideways again, he chases it up the track and Fenhaus looks to the inside. Majeski holds him off on the outside lane.

Halfway break

Lap 101, the race break caution is out. Teams will head to the pits, makes adjustments are return in the same running order.

Green, Majeski is clear before turn one. Carson Kvapil is throwing heavy sparks but he remains on the gas and inside the top 10.

Lap 120, Carson Kvapil pulls off the track as it appears to be a suspension failure.

Lap 130, Majeski has caught the tail of the field. Fenhaus is all over his bumper. Majneski puts the bumper to lap traffic and opens the lane.

57 to go, John DeAnglis drops fluid in turn four as several cars struggle behind him, caution.

Green, Majeski drives it deep to the inside in turn one, he clears Fenhaus and holds the lead. William Byron moves to 3rd.

46 to go, car stopped in turn four, caution.

Green, Majeski leads Fenhaus and Byron once more.

23 to go

23 to go, Fenhaus gets into the back in Majeski in turn one. They make more contact in turn four, Majeski and Fenhaus are both completely sideways! They both save it, Majeski holds the lead.

Byron joins the battle.

17 to go, Byron works outside of Fenhaus. He takes the position away!

14 to go, Byron works to the outside of Majeski in turn two. Fenhaus leans on the bumper of Majeski again in turn four. As he gets sideways, Byron drives by on the outside. William Byron to the lead!

5 to go, Byron leads Fenhaus by two car lengths.

William Byron holds him off to win the Slinger Nationals!

Slinger Nationals
Race Results
July 12, 2022

The following includes all on-track action:


Practice: 1. Ty Majeski (11,245); 2. Austin Nason (11,276); 3. Alex Prunty (11,277); 4. RJ Braun (11,283); 5. Luke Fenhaus (11,294); 6. Brad Mueller; 7. Casey Johnson; 8. Carson Kvapil; 9. Sammy Smith; 10. Derek Thorn;

11. John DeAngelis; 12. Stephen Nasse; 13. Steve Apel; 14. Derek Kraus; 15. Brad Keith; 16. Rob Braun; 17. Levon Van Der Geest; 18. Jacob Nottestad; 19. Ryan DeStefano; 20. Michael Bilderback;

21. Gabe Sommers; 22. Dennis Prunty; 23. Carson Hocevar; 24. Jeff Storm; 25. Jeremy Lepak; 26. William Byron; 27. Kyle Crump; 28. Andrew Morrissey; 29. Grant Griesbach; 30. Matt Kenseth; 31. Dave McCardle; 32. Lowell Bennett;


Note: The top 12 from qualifying are inverted to set the starting lineup for the main event.

Qualifying: 1. William Byron (11,244); 2. Steve Apel (11,324); 3. Ty Majeski (11,333); 4. Derek Thorn (11,341); 5. Luke Fenhaus (11,342); 6. Sammy Smith (11,343); 7. RJ Braun (11,364); 8. John DeAngelis (11,368); 9. Austin Nason (11,379); 10. Levon Van Der Geest (11,383);

11. Carson Kvapil (11,384); 12. Jacob Nottestad (11,384); 13. Stephen Nasse; 14. Andrew Morrissey; 15. Alex Prunty; 16. Matt Kenseth; 17. Rob Braun; 18. Brad Keith; 19. Ryan DeStefano; 20. Casey Johnson;

21. Kyle Crump; 22. Brad Mueller; 23. Dave McCardle; 24. Carson Hocevar; 25. Dennis Prunty; 26. Jeremy Lepak; 27. Gabe Sommers; 28. Grant Griesbach; 29. Jeff Storm; 30. Derek Kraus; 31. Lowell Bennett; 32. Michael Bilderback

Qualifying Race / Semi

Qual Race: 1. Brad Keith; 2. Stephan Nasse; 3. Jeremy Lepak; 4. Jeff Storm; 5. Andrew Mprrissey; 6. Derek Kraus; 7. Kyle Crump; 8. Dave McCardle; 9. Michael Bilderback; 10. Rob Braun; 11. Lowell Bennett; 12. Brad Mueller; 13. Gabe Sommers;

Semi: 1. Andrew Morrissey; 2. Kyle Crump; 3. Dave McCardle; 4. Lowell Bennett; 5. Derek Kraus; 6. Gabe Sommers; 7. Michael Bilderback; 8. Brad Mueller; 9. Rob Braun;

Slinger Nationals
Main Event

200 Laps | $ 20,000 to win

1. William Byron

2. Luke Fenhaus

3. Derek Thorn

4. Austin Nason

5. Matt Kenseth

6. Stephan Nasse

7. Jeremy Lapak

8. Casey Johnson

9. Jeff Storm

10. Jacob Nottestad

11. Alex Prunty

12. Brad Keith

13. Ty Majeski

14. Andrew Morrissey

15. Ryan DeStefano

16. John DeAngelis

17. Rob Braun

18. Sammy Smith

19. Carson Kvapil

20. Grant Griesbach

21. Dennis Prunty

22. Derek Kraus

23. Kyle Crump

24. Levon Van Der Geest

25. Steve Apel

26. RJ Braun


Slinger Speedway

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