One area of ​​comfort for each football assistant coach

The South Carolina football roster isn’t set quite yet for the 2023 season. There’s still more recruiting to be done for the 2023 class, both in the NCAA Transfer Portal and from the high school ranks, but a lot of the roster moves have already transpired, both with incoming and outgoing players.

The 10-man assistant coaching staff has a pretty good idea of ​​what their positions will look like, at least when it comes to who they will coach in spring practice. There will likely be more movement in May and even into June, but 12 players in the class have enrolled and 11 more have signed. Eight players from the NCAA Transfer Portal have made their intentions known.

And with a new season with players graduating or departing for one reason or another, and new players coming in, that staff of assistant coaches has questions. It’s their job to figure out the answers, and they’ll have some time to get it done this spring. We took a look at one burning question for each assistant recently.

Now, as winter workouts begin, let’s take a look at one critical attribute at each position that should make an assistant coach feel good going into the spring. There are certainly some key players with great skillsets that should have assistant coaches quite happy right now.

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