Milan and Inter think of moving to Sesto as the latest hurdle in ‘obstacle course’ emerges

There has been yet another twist in the new stadium saga as the opposition to the project is growing, according to a report.

According to, the faction of those who want the Council to say no is rising as the number of councilors that are against the new stadium has risen to nine, and they are asking to discuss the project in the boardroom as soon as possible. after the end of the public debate.

In the meantime, Basilio Rizzo and some residents of the area filed a new appeal with the TAR to request the annulment of the latest council resolution in which they acknowledge that Inter and Milan have complied with the conditions requested.

They asked that the ‘resolution for the stadium to be cancelled’ as ‘it does not meet the conditions’ because ‘the re-functionalisation of the remains of the Meazza [San Siro] is lacking’. If this delays things even more, Inter and Milan could even turn to plan B which is the Sesto San Giovanni area.

The mayor of Milano – Beppe Sala – spoke at an event earlier today and commented on the news of an appeal to the TAR by the Gruppo Verde Milano San Siro.

“I have not read the appeal, but it is clear that this is an obstacle course. We must do what is right, on one hand protect the rights of those who live in those neighborhoods, on the other of the teams that legitimately ask for a new stadium,” he said.

“After that it is not that we can think of being able to affect everything, and above all on collective consciences. It is a divisive theme. Sometimes I regret that in the face of the many problems that exist in our contemporary society, we talk a little too much about the stadium. It seems that this is our fate in our political season.”

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