Novak Djokovic explains why he doesn’t believe in limits

Novak Djokovic says limits only exist for those who believe in them and he is not one of those people. Djokovic, 35, is still one of the most dominant players on the ATP Tour. Even at 35, Djokovic is still looking very healthy and exceptionally prepared.

After one of his wins at the ATP Finals, Djokovic explained why he is never setting a limit for himself.

Djokovic: I don’t think a limit exists

“I don’t think that a limit exists. It’s really in your head.

It’s really about perspective and approach and your perception of how you see things in that given moment. Of course, when you’re going through physical struggles, it affects the game, it affects how you feel mentally, it affects your body language.

Of course, the opponent likes seeing you down, and he’s trying to dominate in the rallies, he’s trying to get the upper hand of the match, which was kind of the situation that was happening today. But I think the biggest battle, as I’ve said before, is always the inner battle.

If you manage to find yourself in that optimal state of mind and body as often as you possibly can, I feel you can extract the best and reap the best results for yourself in every moment, every point, every match,” Djokovic explained, per Tennis Majors.

Meanwhile, Djokovic wrote tennis history this past week in Turin. In the final at the ATP Finals, Djokovic saw off Casper Ruud to win his sixth ATP Finals title. Now, Djokovic is tied with Roger Federer for the most ATP Finals titles in tennis history.

Djokovic, who capped off his season in the best possible way, was also informed that his three-year ban from entering Australia was rescinded. In January, Djokovic will be hoping to win his 22nd Grand Slam at the Australian Open.

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