Great deals on Ugreen GaN chargers in Black Friday 2022 sale


Newer GaN (gallium nitride) are so much better than the older chargers built using silicon technology. They’re more efficient, run cooler, are smaller and lighter, and can deliver more power.

It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

One of the best charger manufacturers out there, Ugreen, is having a deep Black Friday sale on its range of Nexode GaN chargers, from a tiny yet powerful 45W dual-USB-C charger, to a massive 200W desktop charger.

The tiny Nexode 45W charger is perfect for those wanting one charger to replace two they are currently using on their nightstand for charging a smartphone and a smartwatch, or for those wanting a small, lightweight charger for travel.

For laptops, the Nexode 100W or Nexode 140W chargers are the perfect choice (the 140W charger is a perfect replacement for the 140W charger that Apple ships with newer MacBooks).

And the Nexode 200W charger is great for those who have lots of devices on a desk that all need charging simultaneously. This can significantly reduce desktop clutter by replacing half a dozen other chargers.

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I’ve tested (and continue to use) all of these Ugreen Nexode chargers, and they’re all fantastic, reliable GaN chargers that deliver the power you need to keep everything charged up.

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