IDom and Justakid release Street Fighter 5 tier list

Arguably the best Street Fighter 5 player in the world and arguably the best Street Fighter 5 Juri player in the world have banded together to create a new tier list for the game here in the Definitive Update version of the game.

Now that we’ve had a few months with the latest balance changes, XSET | iDom and EMGG | Justakid have sat down to share where they feel each character in the game currently stacks up. There are definitely some interesting placements on this list, so be sure to read on to see how everyone ranks.

The first standout tier ranking that you’ll likely notice is that of Juri’s. These two competitors have her in the highest tier category, S rank, and place her fifth overall.

This is certainly peculiar as Juri is often not considered to be all that strong in Street Fighter 5, but if there were anyone who could make this assertion, it would be these two players. “He finally agreed Juri is Top 5! We got him,” wrote iDom about this list on Twitter.

In recent times, we did see Momochi place Jury in high A + tier and Punk actually put her as fifth in the game overall too. So, perhaps her placement isn’t as off as we might all currently think.

Other top spots are about what you would expect. Luke is number 1 in the game, while characters like M. Bison and Poison join him in S rank.

Dhalsim is also among the best in the game, which is interesting to see, but not all that surprising. It was a slow burn for the community to come around to the idea that Sim was actually top tier, however, this now seems to be a fairly common opinion among pros.

At the absolute bottom of the barrel is one I don’t think I’ve seen as the undisputed worst before, and that’s Zangief. While other top players seem to agree that Gief is not great in this version of the game, iDom and Justakid have put him in the bottom and final tier all by himself.

Check out this Street Fighter 5 tier list below and let us know if you agree with it in the comments.

IDom and Justakid Street Fighter 5 tier list image # 1

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Tier list created on Tier Maker.


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