Intel ARC A750 pictured some more, features 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors

Intel Arc A750 graphics card

Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout from Intel visited Gamers Nexus studio to talk about the new Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards.

Intel Arc A750, Source: GamersNexus

The video from GamersNexus is an overview of the Arc desktop series, including product stack explanation and the state of the driver development. It is also a showcase of the new A380 entry-level model and higher-end SKU known as A750. This is in fact the first time Intel has confirmed and shown the A750 in public.

It was revealed that the A750 was indeed the same card that was on display at IEM 2022 in June. What this means is that the card shown there was in fact not equipped in the full ACM-G10 GPU as speculated. That said, one cannot be sure what the Limited Edition actually means here, but given what we already know, it might just be a special edition for display.

Intel Arc A750, Source: GamersNexus

Unfortunately, the specifications of the A750 were not confirmed by Intel employees. The company representatives have only said that the launch of these cards is ‘sooner than we think’. The product name suggests it is a cut-down ACM-G10 GPU, most likely paired with 24 Xe-Cores paired with 12GB of GDDR6 memory.

Intel Arc A750, Source: GamersNexus

The A750 card was shown from many angles, including the side where two 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors are located. Such configuration could theoretically deliver up to 225W plus additional 75W through the PCI-Express slot.

Earlier today the first photo of desktop Arc Alchemist A310 graphics card (supposedly) has emerged. Technically this means that we have now seen 3 out of 5 desktop SKUs that are in the pipeline from Intel.

The full lineup of Alchemist desktop GPUs is still a bit of a mystery. However, we can now also add an MSRP column to our rumored spec table. Tom Petersen confirmed today that although there is no official MSRP for Arc A380 for the US market yet (the card exclusively launched in China), once it becomes available in the country the retail price should range from 129 to 139 USD.

RUMORED Desktop Intel ARC Alchemist Series Specifications GPU Xe Cores Memory Size Memory Bus MSRP
Arc A770 ACM-G10 TBC
Arc A750 ACM-G10 TBC
Arc A580 ACM-G10 TBC
Arc A380 ACM-G11 $ 129- $ 139
Arc A310 ACM-G11 TBC


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