Fast Pair may make it easier to set up new Android phones, here’s how

Samsung is set to host its first major event of 2023, the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1. At this event, the South Korea-based tech giant is expected to launch its next-gen flagship smartphone series — the Galaxy S23 lineup along with several other products. Google is reportedly developing a Fast Pair feature that is rumored to arrive with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. This feature will reportedly help users to set up new Android phones.
What is Fast Pair
Fast Pair is a feature developed by Google that helps users to set up devices like — headphones and Wear OS watches and sync them with Android phones. This feature is part of Google Play Services and is soon expected to help in setting up other upcoming devices like styluses and tracker tags. According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant is now adding support for another device type. The report claims that Fast Pair may soon support Android phones as well.
How will Fast Pair help in setting up Android phones
The upcoming Fast Pair feature will reportedly help Android phones to detect a nearby device (a phone or a tablet) that hasn’t been set up yet. With this feature enabled, Fast Pair will be activated on Android phones and tablets just like the way it works with headphones.

Depending on the particular device that you are planning to set up, Fast Pair will help you with installing the relevant app for moving your data. For instance, if you are trying to set up a Samsung device, this feature will install the Samsung Smart Switch app on the new device.
However, the basic process of setting up a new Android device with a QR code is likely to remain the same. The upcoming Fast Pair feature is expected to make setting up with Samsung Smart Switch slightly easier. It won’t be much different from the way Wear OS watches appear in Fast Pair which helps users to get started with the required companion app, the report adds.
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