Game Dashboard is arriving in Google settings on more Pixel phones

It remains Pixel-exclusive, though

If you’re a gamer and you’ve got a Pixel 6 series phone, chances are you’re already acquainted with Android’s Game Dashboard interface, packed with handy utilities for taking screenshots, checking your FPS, starting a screen recording, toggling DND, and even streaming to YouTube directly. This dashboard became a part of Google Play Services earlier this year, suggesting it may not remain a Pixel-exclusive feature for very long. Android 13 brought the feature to the Pixel 6a when it was in beta, and now that the OS update is widely available, Game Dashboard is making its way to more Pixel phones.


With Android 13 available on all compatible Pixel phones, more and more devices seem to be getting access to the Game Dashboard. We’ve heard from a couple tipsters that they recently saw it arrive, and’s Mishaal Rahman tweets a similar sentiment — a silent, seemingly widespread rollout from Google.

You can check if you have the new Game Dashboard by heading into the Settings app and tapping Google. If your phone has access to the new gaming tools, you will see a toggle to turn them on here. After that, you can access Game Dashboard using the floating button that shows up when you launch a game on your Pixel phone.

We owe this rollout to the transition to Google Play Services, but so far we still aren’t seeing the Dashboard shed its Pixel exclusivity just yet. Hopefully Google changes that as more Android OEMs continue to work on their own Android 13 updates.

thanks Armando, Ibrahim, Mishaal

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