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We’ve shown you how, with TinyWow, you can amalgamate your JPGs into one easily manageable PDF. But, don’t fret if you need to go in the opposite direction. TinyWow can handle the task of separating each page of a PDF and saving them as individual images. And it does it for free, with no one-hour limitations nor bait-and-switch schemes in which you work tirelessly to get your files in order only to be told you have to pay in order to access the resulting file. Here’s how:


  1. Go to TinyWow.
  2. Open the PDF drop down menu and click on PDF to JPG.

  3. Upload your PDF from your PC or mobile device. You also have the option of opening a file (or multiple files) you recently uploaded to TinyWow by clicking on My Files. This menu also allows you to manage your files either by deleting or downloading what you wish.

  4. After you’ve uploaded your file, each page of the uploaded PDF will be displayed. You can now choose which images to download or, should you require all the images, download a zip file. The uploaded and resulting files will remain at your disposal, to download or continue formatting for one hour. After which, they will be deleted from the site, so you don’t need to worry about others discovering your private documents.

Of interest are the file sizes. The two images I extrapolated from the PDF were originally converted from JPGs into this PDF using TinyWow’s JPG to PDF conversion tool. Initially, they each measured 4000×3000 pixels and took up 7-8 MB of space. Now, having been converted to a PDF then back to JPGs, they each measure 2339×1654 pixels and barely occupy 1 MB of space. This isn’t shocking given that JPGs by nature are compressed files and so, are more suitable for emails and transfers. What’s more, JPGs can be edited in PhotoShop and other such programs far beyond the capabilities of PDF editors.

And that’s it!

Be sure to explore TinyWow’s site for additional conversion options. Regardless of whether you have PDFs or you need PDFs, TinyWow has the tools to make your work effortless. Its clean interface keeps the process simple and efficient, allowing you to make quick work of the task at hand.

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