The Me Too movement begins in the first trailer for She Said

For decades, Harvey Weinstein was one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. He was also notorious for sexually harassing and assaulting women even before his victims began breaking their silence. In 2017, Weinstein was exposed through a series of news stories in which women defied their nondisclosure agreements to expose his actions and crimes.

This spawned the #MeToo movement, and inspired the upcoming film, She Said. But in the first trailer for the movie, the greatest challenge faced by the reporters was convincing the women to speak out together in order to end Weinstein’s reign.

Weinstein’s voice is heard in the trailer, and he is seen from behind, but beyond that, he is largely off-camera in these clips. And yet his influence seems to hang over his victims even though he isn’t physically present. The trailer also introduces two of the key reporters who broke the story: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.

For the film, Kantor is played by Zoe Kazan (The Plot Against America), while Promising Young Woman star Carey Mulligan plays the veteran reporter, Twohey. Although Twohey wasn’t initially a part of Kantor’s investigation, she had a keen insight into what it would take to get the women to share their stories.

Patricia Clarkson co-stars in the film as Rebecca Corbett, with Brooklyn 911‘s Andre Braugher as Dean Baquet, and Samantha Morton as Zelda Perkins. Other supporting cast members include Tom Pelphrey, Adam Shapiro, Jennifer Ehle, and Peter Friedman.

Directed by Maria Schrader She Said from a script by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. It will hit theaters on November 18.

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