This Stray Backpack Is Ridiculously Cute

Stray is already promising plenty of feline hijinks and cuteness when it launches next week, but Travel Cat is ensuring that your own cat can get in on the fun with some real-life branded cat travel items – a Stray-themed backpack and a harness modeled after the one worn by the game’s four-legged protagonist.

Stray-themed bubble backpack

The bubble backpack, which can hold up to a 25lb cat, sports a colorful design and a Stray patch on one side. The bubble in the center allows your fluffy pal to get a good look at their surroundings while you’re doing all the walking and they’re doing what they do best – being lazy.

Meanwhile, the harness is a direct replica of the black and white one worn by the cat in Stray, though the listing states that it doesn’t come with the game’s robot companion B-12. Bummer. Even so, it also includes a 6ft nylon leash so that you can let your cat go sit in someone else’s lap.

Both items are available for pre-order on the official Travel Cat website, and the first wave of shipments is estimated to go out by August 31, with a second wave expected on September 21.

Stray is shaping up to be quite a mysterious and engaging catventure through a cyberpunk world. In our hands-off preview, we feel “confident in the love and care the developers have for cats, and for translating that into a journey worthy of them.”

Stray pounces onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on July 19. It will be included at no extra charge for PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium members.

Stray – Launch Screens

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