Golden Retriever Delights Internet by Mimicking Sirens Dressed As ‘Pawlice’

A golden retriever named Sunday has gone viral on social media after her owner shared a video of her dressed as a police officer in a police car, and the internet is loving it.

In a video shared on TikTok by Sunday’s owner, who is known on the platform as Sunday the golden retriever, the dog can be seen dressed up as a “pawlice” officer, howling and mimicking the sound of police sirens.

The dog is dressed up in a blue box saying “pawlice” with two police cherry lights on top, and the post says: “Officer Sunday on pawtrol.”

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs are still the most loved animal in the United States. About 38 percent of American households own a dog, and there are about 76 million pet dogs in the country.

Second on the list of most popular pets in the United States this year is the cat, with about 58 million cats in homes in the country at the moment.

The video, which was first shared on Wednesday, has attracted over 1 million views and has so far received over 98,400 likes, 655 comments and 10,800 re-shares.

Most TikTok users loved the dog and her police costume. One user known as 4thedogs said: “This makes us want to break the law.. just in case you are on duty.” And Lacey_M2022 said: “Omg that is the cutest thing ever!”

Another user, t.kahler90, said: “What a cutie, we do a lot of patrolling at our house.” And Indybindygirl added: “Paw and Order.”

Tasha Ruth commented: “This is epic.” And Brianna Ernst asserted: “If I don’t get pulled over by this officer I’m filing a complaint I didn’t and want to know why.”

Another user, Maria, asked: “What’s the emergency!” And user9260349002768 joked: “Woke my dog ​​up out of a dead sleep.” Isabellion_ said: “My 2 year old daughter saw this and she said Paw Patrol?!?”

“To a Harry & The Hendersons‘s car—the blue one when Harry is imitating a siren,” suggested megwey. While SparkyOntario said: “absolutely adorable.” And SouthernDee joked: “I surrender.”

Another user, Megan, said: “Omg I wish I could #DUET this!” And Leechoso wrote: “Ready to catch some bad doggos and cats.” SNPhotography108 commented: “legit real pawlice ..too adorable.” And evamichaels855 added: “Lmao what we make our pets do.”

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A stock image shows a golden retriever. A dog has gone viral for dressing up as a police officer in a patrol car, leaving the internet in stitches.
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