Internet Rescues Urban Explorer Stuck Inside Hotel Thanks to European Doors

A global “urban explorer” was left needing the help of the internet after finding himself trapped inside his hotel.

Andy Bracco regularly makes his way into abandoned and derelict buildings, sometimes finding himself in tricky situations, including on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, from where his 2021 video went viral. But it was just a simple Venice hotel that got the better of Bracco.

The hotel was far from abandoned, but as a natural explorer Bracco decided to take the stairs up to the roof of the building, only to discover it was locked. “So I just started to head back down the stairs,” he told Newsweek. “I passed the door that I originally came in, I made it to the bottom, and that’s where all my issues started.”

Posting his dilemma to TikTok, Bracco showed that the door he used to access the stairwell had a faux handle on his side that didn’t work.

Photos from Andy Bracco’s TikTok video. The global “urban explorer” was left needing the help of the internet after finding himself trapped inside his hotel.
Andy Bracco

“At the bottom, there were no buttons on the door, there was no latch, there was no defined handle, there’s nothing I can figure out,” he said. “So I went around and I explored those three levels trying to find another way out and I couldn’t. I was stuck there for nearly 45 minutes.”

“My phone was dying. I was pacing around. I went upstairs, I went downstairs, I tried all the windows, I tried all the doors,” continued Bracco.

He described the predicament as “kind of embarrassing really.” Usually when he finds himself in a tricky situation, he would be with a team of people who are all equipped with tools to help him. This time, all Bracco had was a dying phone and a TikTok account—but that still proved to be enough.

He filmed his predicament and shared it to his account immediately, only to put his phone away to focus. “I paced around, tried everything. I even made a call and then I went back to TikTok because I was bored, sitting on the stairs and didn’t have anything to do,” he told Newsweek.

“I saw my video where it was, I think it was at like 70,000 views within the first 15 minutes, and then maybe about a half hour and it was at over 100,000 and that’s when I got that first comment from that user.”

One of Bracco’s viewers came in handy with one simple suggestion: try the light switch next to the door. For European viewers it might have been a facepalm moment, but for Bracco it was a lightbulb one.

Next to the door sat a light switch-looking button, but despite its appearances, it actually acted as a button to open the hotel door.

“I was almost surprised because I’m usually pretty good at finding my way in or out of things. And the fact that I was stumped. Not an abandoned building, not in a secured building in my own just public hotel. I was just amazed. I couldn’t. Just wasn’t something I was ever expecting to run across.

“Just to get fooled by something so simple. It’s so surprising to me. I’ve never been stopped in my tracks like this.”

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