Little Girl’s Conversation With Her Father Over Splinter is the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Social media holds a plethora of adorable kid videos, and one can’t get tired of watching them on loop. Something similar has once again been brought forth by the internet, which screams “Daddys are just superheroes in disguise.” A video which is going crazy viral on the internet shows a heart-melting moment between a father and daughter. Posted on Instagram, the video shows a man removing a splinter from his daughter’s thumb, and their adorable interaction will melt your heart. The text inserted on the video reads, “Daughter got a splinter.”

The now-viral video was posted by an Instagram page called Get Lucky Outdoors on June 26, with the caption, “The cutest splinter ever,” and ended with a red heart and laughing emoticons. The video opens by showing a man numbing the thumb of his sobbing daughter with ice cubes so that she doesn’t feel the pain. He can be heard asking his weeping daughter to “chill, it’s just a splinter.” While responding to her father the little girl whispers, “It’s gonna hurt.” And with an aim to calm her down, the father said, “It’s not.” Further, she asks her father, “Please do it gently. Promise, you will do it gently.”

The cutest moment is when the little girl freaks out after seeing her father taking out a nail cutter knife, thinking that he is going to cut her finger. She even goes on to say to her father that she had this thumb for years and their interaction will honestly touch your heart. The cute video is truly winning over the internet as the comments section is flooded with people feeling for the little girl and even appreciating the father. One user wrote, “I hope she got a treat after the surgery,” and ended up with the laughing emoticons and red heart emojis.

Another commented, “Great job Dad!….and Daughter, being her precious self…The Dad doing his job right, by talking to her, letting her know he’s got this. It’s obvious why his daughter trusts him in the first place. And daughter doing what daughters do. Being smart, dramatic, and being tough, and full of a million questions with attitude, all at the same time. You know Dad would do anything for her…” So far the video has been played more than 4 million times and garnered over 270 thousand likes.

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