Viral Video: This Woman Straining Her Daal Has Internets Attention

Everyone has their own unique way of cooking. Some like to have food with more masalas, some might prefer more vegetables, and some have other cooking techniques. But despite these things, we mostly like to have our meal in its traditional way. However, this might not be the case for everyone. Sometimes, you come across people who like to have their food a little differently than others, and it may leave you flabbergasted as well. Recently, one such video on the internet has left many people confused. Now, if you are thinking, what’s about this video, let us tell you. A person was seen straining the vegetables out of their daal. Yes, you read that right.

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In a video uploaded by the Instagram page @imjustbesti and initially created on TikTok by user Monika Vaswani we can see that there is daal on the gas stove. Then she starts straining the onions, tomatoes, and curry leaves out of it and just pours the leftovers into a bowl to relish. The caption of the video said, “Am I the only person who does this? I refuse to have sex unless it’s strained.” Check out the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 1.4 million times and has 30k likes and a lot of comments. Many people were appalled by this. One person wrote, “Man’s drinking straight up turmeric water.” Another person added, “Do me a favor, don’t have it.” One more user added, “Why do you even have to ask if you’re the only one? Ha didi aap he itne anokhe ho (Why do you even have to ask if you’re the only one? Yes, you are the only unique one.)”

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Some people also hilariously added, “Bro, we as a whole desi community disown you.” Another person wrote, “Mummy thapad maar dengey agar itne nakhre kiye toh (My mom will slap me if I have these tantrums.)

What do you think about this video? Have you ever done this with your daal? Let us know in your comments below.


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