Wire-Cutting Thieves In Catoosa County Causing TV, Internet Outages And Thousands Of Dollars In Damages

The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office said unknown individuals are continuing to cut sections of cable from several telephone poles on Lane Road between Alabama Highway and West Nickajack Road causing television and Internet outages in the area.

The Sheriff’s Office said, “The offenders cut the cables to steal copper wire, but the pictured cables that were cut had recently been upgraded to fiber optic cables that did not contain copper wire and were left hanging from the poles causing thousands of dollars in damages .

“Over the past several months, the offenders have cut cables on Lane Road, West Nickajack Road, and Hullender Road.

“The locations are in a remote area of ​​the county and the crimes have been occurring during the night when there is less traffic on the roadways.

“Due to the repeated cases in the same locations, it is believed that the offenders may live in the immediate area.

“During past investigations, evidence obtained indicated the offenders had used a ‘deer stand’ type ladder to climb the poles and would be driving a pickup truck carrying the stand and possible ladder.

“If you live in the area and have noticed anything suspicious, or have any information, please contact Captain Jeremy Keener with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 935-2424.”

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